The singer was hospitalized for a bad reaction to medicine, says her publicist

Marie Osmond was hospitalized for a bad reaction to medication and not because of a suicide attempt, her rep, Amy Hawkes, told the Associated Press Wednesday.

“She basically had an adverse reaction to some medication she was taking and she blacked out,” Hawkes said.

Osmond, 46, who lives about 30 miles outside Salt Lake City, spent a couple of days at Timpanogos Regional Medical Center in Orem, Ut., last week, Hawkes said, adding, “She’s doing fine. She’s vacationing with her family right now.”

The announcement came in the wake of a National Enquirer report that Osmond had been hospitalized after a failed suicide attempt.

“We deal with those tabloids all the time,” Karl Engemann, Osmond’s manager, told the AP. “You get tired of responding. It’s like punching Jell-O.”

Engemann declined to specify the type of medication Osmond was taking or what it was for.

Osmond has been candid about her emotional struggles in the past. In 2001, she published a book, Behind the Smile: My Journey out of Postpartum Depression, about her struggle with the disease after the birth of her third child, Matthew.

And last year, after Tom Cruise lashed out at Brooke Shields for using anti-depressants after the birth of her daughter, Osmond told PEOPLE, “When Tom becomes a woman and has a baby and has postpartum, then he can become an expert.”