Marie Osmond: 'It's OK To Be Alone'

The Dancing with the Stars contestant reflects on her tumultuous year

Photo: Joe Major/ WENN

It was an up-and-down 2007 for Marie Osmond, who says her children kept her strong through the drama.

“I have great kids. I love my kids, you know that, and it’s OK,” Osmond, 48, tells Extra. “It’s OK to be alone, and it’s OK to be busy. It’s a choice you make to be positive with what comes at you in life.”

While dancing into third place on Dancing with the Stars, Osmond, who has eight children, had a rough year with her family.

Father George, 90, died in November, her 20-year marriage to record producer Brian Blosil dissolved in March, and her teenage son Michael checked into rehab. Plus, Osmond herself fainted on live national TV.

And while Osmond is mulling a DWTS tour with dancing partner Jonathan Roberts and a possible talk show, she is enjoying time with her children.

“I’d love to sing opera, I love theater,” Osmond says. “But truly, when you get to a certain place in your life, the joy comes watching your kids.”

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