By peoplestaff225
Updated February 21, 2002 01:00 AM

Her summer 2001 movie “Glitter” may have tanked with critics and audiences, but Mariah Carey is having a second life on the silver screen, says the Hollywood Reporter. The 32-year-old pop diva, who has had a run of lousy luck lately, received glowing reviews for her starring role in last month’s Sundance Film Festival selection “Wisegirls,” and as a result is preparing to reunite with the film’s producer, Anthony Esposito, for her next movie, the drama “Sweet Science.” According to the trade paper, Carey will star as a zealous boxing manager who drafts an unknown female boxer and then sets out to make them both famous. The project is due to begin shooting this summer. “I had such a great experience with Mariah Carey on ‘Wisegirls’ that I wanted to make another film with her,” Esposito told the Reporter. “Her performance in ‘Wisegirls’ is outstanding, with reviews from Sundance praising her work. I feel (that) given the right role, the depth of Mariah’s performance will make everyone take notice of her great acting ability.” “Wisegirls,” which costars Miro Sorvino and is about a waitress who works in a restaurant owned by the Mob, is due to be released this year. Since its completion last year, Carey suffered a physical and emotional breakdown as well as the collapse of her recording contract with EMI’s Virgin record label. Last month, the company paid a reported $28 million to get out of its contract with her.