Elusive chanteuse Mariah Carey captioned a photo of a Thanksgiving shopping trip: "Just a regular day at theĀ #grocery store"
Source: Mariah Carey/Instagram
Credit: Source: Mariah Carey/Instagram

Mariah Carey may have something of a diva reputation, but that didn’t get in the may of creating the perfect Thanksgiving feast — and documenting the entire day for Instagram.

The 46-year-old singer headed to the grocery store in Hawaii on Thursday ahead of the holiday meal dressed in a revealing lace-up top, jeans and sunglasses. She even stopped to take photos with fans and snap a saucy photo with two pineapples.

“Just a regular day at the#grocery store,” Carey captioned a photo posing with an admirer.

The pop star then donned a yellow apron to prepare her purchases for the dinner table. All the fixings, from the turkey to the pies, were spread out on the table.

Carey spent the holiday with ex-husband Nick Cannon, less than a month after their divorce was finalized, and their 5-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan. They even recorded a video message wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving before chowing down.

Carey opened up about her recent breakup from fiancé James Packer on Wednesday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, revealing that she’s “doing well.”

“Everything happens for a reason,” she shared. “Things are the way they are.”

She added: “It’s kind of difficult to talk about it at the moment. So I’m just going to compliment you on these decorations once again because they are fabulous and I’m here.”