The singer is an expert chef who makes a mean linguine with clam sauce, her husband Nick Cannon reveals

By Eunice Oh
May 12, 2010 05:15 PM
Marion Curtis/Startraks

Mariah Carey rarely shies away from something sparkly or glamorous on the red carpet – but at home, the singer prefers fashion that’s more relaxed and practical.

“[We’re in] sweatpants,” her husband Nick Cannon says on an episode of the Rachael Ray Show scheduled to air Thursday.

Another surprisingly fact about Carey: She’s a homebody at heart who loves spending time in the kitchen. In fact, she even cooked Thanksgiving dinner.

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“I’m so impressed by Mariah in her apron in there, workin’ on a bird the size of New Jersey,” Ray says, before teaching Cannon how to make his wife breakfast in bed.

“She cooks! People are always so surprised to see she cooks, but she’s a great cook,” says Cannon, whose favorite dish is his wife’s linguine with clam sauce.

But Carey’s culinary skills include more than just pasta. She even makes her own marinara sauce for at-home pizza creations, Cannon told PEOPLE in April.

As for the custom-made Ring Pop he gave Carey when they celebrated their second anniversary April 30, Cannon tells Ray he’ll be giving his wife more serious bling in the future. “We have to say our vows over and put something on the finger,” he says. “It’s always something kinda cool and fun.”

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“If you’re married to Mariah Carey, you want to get married and have a wedding all the time, too,” he says. “And that’s how I really feel. I would say ‘I do’ everyday if I could.”