Mariah Carey Rides N.Y.C. Subway in a Glittering Gown

The self-appointed elusive chanteuse earned her common-folk bona fides by taking the train to a glitzy N.Y.C. gala Thursday

Photo: Courtesy Mariah Carey

Mimi seems to have emancipated herself, all right – from a swanky, chauffeur-driven car.

Self-proclaimed “elusive chanteuse” Mariah Carey (hey, it is the subtitle of her new album, Me. I Am Mariah) earned her common-folk bona fides Thursday night on her way home from a glitzy gala in N.Y.C., opting to take the subway instead of a car.

And, true to form, Carey – who had attended the Fresh Air Fund gala in downtown Manhattan – was in all-out Mimi Mode, hopping on the diva express in a sparkly blue gown whose plunging neckline flashed ample décolletage and whose sky-high slit threatened to make riders miss their stop.

Better still, it was captured for all posterity on social media: Carey, 44, posted a series of images and videos of the joyride – which also included a cab ride – on Instagram and Vine, chronicling her plebeian adventure while providing gonzo running commentary.

“I figured since I’m underdressed, we might as well take the subway,” she quips, before hopping on the 1 train.

“Avoid this area!” she helpfully offers, pointing to a trash-strewn sidewalk.

And – contrary to what fans might think given her coiffed-out, polished-up image – the songbird says she actually does like hanging outdoors.

“Do I look outdoorsy to you?” she joked to PEOPLE earlier in the evening at the Fresh Air Fund gala, before adding: “Actually, I am outdoorsy. More than you know.”

Would she be up for glamping, perhaps?

“You know, it would really have to be pretty glam for me to want to do it, and there d have to be a reason in somebody who really wanted me to go there to do that and have that experience,” she said. “Then maybe glamping could be fun.” (Judging from her subway jaunt, she’s got the “glam” part down pat.)

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Of course, Carey can tell Matt Lauer all about her streetwise Manhattan subway adventure: She’s scheduled to sit down with the Today show anchor for an at-home concert airing on NBC on Saturday night at 8 p.m. ET.

Here’s hoping she kept her subway Metrocard for her ride home from that gig.

With reporting by JEFF NELSON

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