January 22, 2016 07:50 PM

With our sincerest apologies to both William and Kate and Kim and Kanye, it’s time for us to brace ourselves for the wedding of the century.

On Thursday, PEOPLE confirmed that Mariah Carey and her billionaire beau James Packer are engaged, and naturally, once we got a glimpse at the 35(!) carat engagement ring, it was clear that their upcoming nuptials would be no ordinary affair. While we’re sure that her dress, venue and decorations will be fabulously over-the-top, we want to ensure that Carey also pays attention to one vital detail: the music. And what better way for the biggest diva in the game to celebrate than with a day scored to her greatest hits?

Trust us on this one – we have a vision (of love).

While She’s Getting Ready, Play "#Beautiful ft. Miguel"
Sure, it wasn’t Carey’s biggest hit, but it’s hard to think of a better song to accompany the beautifying process. It’s upbeat enough to keep spirits high, but low-key enough to keep the bride from stressing out, and it’s a song all about how beautiful Carey is. In other words: it’s perfect.

While She’s Walking Down the Aisle, Play "Vision of Love"
Close your eyes and picture it now: Carey, following her flower girl and ring bearer, Monroe and Moroccan, down a long, candlelit aisle, resplendent in an elaborate, sparking gown and wearing millions of dollars in diamonds, as “Vision of Love” reaches its crescendo. Are you crying yet? Of course you are.

After She and Packer Are Declared Husband and Wife, Play "Always Be My Baby"
Okay, so this one is technically a song about winning back an ex, but the sentiment of the song is what’s important here, as Carey and Packer will, indeed, always be each other’s baby. Besides, once people hear those opening notes, they’ll be so busy dancing and reminiscing about their own lost loves that they won’t even notice any discrepancy in the lyrics.

When the Wedding Party Is Taking Photos, Play "Fantasy"
Has anyone in the history of music, ever had a bad time when “Fantasy” was playing? No – which is why it’ll help keep everyone in a good mood through the long (and sometimes stressful) wedding photo process. Carey might be a pro, but not everyone has her experience in front of the camera.

When She and Packer Walk Into the Reception, Play "It’s Like That"
The first words of the song are literally, “I came here to have a party.” Enough said. (And naturally, the happy couple will be announced by Jermaine Dupri.)

For Their First Dance, Play "Emotions"
Look, it’s Carey’s third wedding. She’s done the whole “sappy romantic ballad for your first dance” thing – it’s time for her to have some fun. And really, when it comes down to it, there’s no other song in her catalogue that encapsulates the sheer joy of being in love quite like “Emotions.” It’s the obvious choice.

When They’re Cutting the Cake, Play "We Belong Together"
Because at the end of the day, everyone’s one true love, their soul mate, is cake.

During the Garter Toss, Play "Touch My Body"
It’s self-aware and adds a touch of scandal to the evening, both of which are the staples of any good Mariah Carey-centric evening.

At the End of the Night, Play "Infinity"
What, you thought Carey would end the evening without a spectacular, show-stopping performance of her latest single? Please. Expect her to close out the night with backup dancers, pyrotechnics and at least three costume changes. This isn’t any ordinary wedding; this is the wedding of the Elusive Chanteuse. Go big and then go home.

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