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July 25, 2016 06:15 PM

Are we about to hit peak Margot Robbie? The actress may not be the top-billed name on the Suicide Squad poster, but going into the film’s August premiere, she’s certainly garnering the lion’s share of attention – well, her and Jared Leto, anyway – for what’s sure to be a memorable turn as DC anti-hero Harley Quinn.

And while Robbie, 26, is certainly no stranger to the moviegoing public at large, given her roles in The Wolf of Wall Street and Focus, there’s still plenty to learn about the beauty from Down Under. Let’s take a look at some of the things you might not know about Robbie.

1. She plays hockey
Robbie apparently plays right wing in an amateur hockey league in L.A. “We don’t have ice hockey in Australia, but we did have The Mighty Ducks,” she told Vulture. Oh, and she cut short the filming of her Wolf of Wall Street audition tape to catch a New York Rangers game.

2. She shared the screen with a Hemsworth before either of them were famous

That would be Liam, in The Elephant Princess, in 2008.

3. She’s an amateur tattoo artist
Among the more innocuous stories from the Suicide Squad set – and it says a lot that stories of stars tattooing each other is “innocuous” on the set of this film – was that the stars were getting all ink-happy with each other. Robbie tattooed director David Ayer and costar Cara Delevingne with matching “Skwad” designs.

4. She got her start in Australian soaps

Well, technically, her first acting role was in a friend’s low-budget thriller in Australia. No thanks to her agent – Robbie was cold-calling casting directors herself – she landed a role on the Australian soap Neighbours that bloomed from a guest spot into a full-on regular role.

5. Her American accent is really good

Robbie practiced her American accent while working on Neighbours, and completely fooled everyone working on the short-lived Pan Am, the sitcom that was her first American role. “Even members of the crew will come up and be like, ‘Wait, wait! Where are you from?'” she told MSN.

6. She was such a big Harry Potter fan growing up she lied to get glasses
During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Robbie dredged up a photo of her at 13, clearly over the moon to be reading a Harry Potter tome. “I have 20/20 vision and I lied to get glasses so I could look like Harry Potter,” she told Kimmel. “They’re not even cool ones. They’re, like, ugly glasses.”

7. She’s also really good at eating and drinking a lot
Despite her envy-inducing figure, Robbie might have a second career as an eating-contest contestant. “I can chug beer pretty quickly,” she told PEOPLE in June, adding that she won an eating contest while working on Neighbours that saw her put down “four kilos of spaghetti Bolognese in an hour.”

8. She’s had some unorthodox auditions
Robbie made the split-second decision to slap Leonardo DiCaprio across the face during her Wolf audition, and landed Focus after not having slept for 48 hours. She also purchased her audition outfit right before the audition.

9. Robbie is also really good at pickpocketing
Robbie learned how to pick pockets for her role in Focus, the first time she shared the screen with her Suicide Squad costar Will Smith. “I had to slow down my steals, because the camera couldn’t see them,” she told Vulture.

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