"It's scary to be this happy," the first-time mom says about her girls, Eden and Savannah

By Jenny Sundel
Updated December 17, 2007 10:55 AM
John Shearer/WireImag

Christmas came early for Marcia Cross.

“I’m deliriously happy!” the Desperate Housewives star, 45, told PEOPLE at the Beverly Hills Saks Fifth Avenue on Saturday. “It’s scary to be this happy. Oh my god, I mean life is precarious, so I just value every day and every gift.”

Speaking after she read from the book Snowpeople, to benefit St. Jude’s Research Hospital (for every copy of the book sold, Saks will donate $2 to the St. Jude 2007 Thanks and Giving Campaign), Cross said the source of her holiday joy were her twin daughters, Eden and Savannah – who were cuddling with dad Tom Mahoney during the reading.

This will be the first Christmas for the girls, who were born .

Asked how motherhood has possibly changed her, Cross said, “How has it not changed [me] is really the question.” As for any changes the first-time mom has noticed in her twins, she says, “Oh, I have for months. They’re just completely different girls, totally different. One’s very impulsive, and the other’s a little more thoughtful.”

Home for the Holidays

With her ABC series on forced hiatus because of the Hollywood writers’ strike, Cross admits she has been enjoying the extra time at home. “It’s fantastic,” she says. “I mean, obviously it’s terrible for the larger picture, but when I am with [my daughters] it’s just glorious, so I’m enjoying that.”

When it comes to the Mahoneys’ holiday plans, Cross says, “We just don’t know yet. It’s all new. It’s our first Christmas together as a family, and it’s probably going to be sort of quiet. I want to go out and take a hike in the woods and have kind of an outdoorsy day. Just all kids, all day. It’s just fun.”