A Marilyn Manson concert was cut short when the shock-rocker fell on-stage at Inglewood CA’s Great Western Forum. “He did injure himself, a minor injury to his ankle. The concert was stopped early,” police Lt. Alex Perez said Monday. There was no immediate word on Manson’s condition. Two local hospitals said the singer, whose real name is Brian Warner, had not been admitted after Sunday’s concert. Concertgoers logging onto a bulletin board on the singer’s official Web site said Manson jumped or fell from an amplifier or speaker during a rendition of “Rock is Dead.” The concert halted after the band finished the song. Concert-goers at first were told there were technical difficulties and the show would continue. But a second announcement indicated Manson had been injured and the event was over.

  • Courtney Love and her band Hole, which served as Manson’s opening act, have quit the Manson tour, say reports. Some sources said Manson was abusive toward Love, making insulting references about her age and other things about her to audiences.
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