Teens behaved badly in Ontario, and this time Justin Bieber had nothing to do with it

By Nate Jones
Updated May 05, 2014 04:10 PM
Credit: Colin McConnell/Toronto Star/Getty

It’s a Canadian miracle: A bunch of teens behaved badly in Ontario, and this time Justin Bieber had nothing to do with it.

According to police, 2,000 teens spent their Friday night partying at a not-yet-completed mansion in the Toronto suburb of Brampton. The event, dubbed #MansionParty on social media, reportedly caused nearly $70,000 worth of damage (in American dollars) before being shut down by police.

Words cannot express the full magnitude of the #MansionParty. Fortunately, social media can:

An unknown number of the revelers were arrested on assault and public drunkenness charges. Still, as might be expected, many of the teens seemed unconcerned by the legal consequences:

This devil-may-care response was not shared by the party’s 17-year-old host, who called police after trying in vain to get everyone to go home.

According to a neighbor, the host told him beforehand he was “just going to have a small party.” But even with a $5 cover, the appeal of #MansionParty could not be contained, as hundreds of teens swarmed the shindig after learning about it on social media.

“I thought that I could handle it,” the 17-year-old host told the Globe and Mail. “I thought everything was under control. I didn’t want this to happen.”

His remorse stands in stark contrast to Australia’s Corey Worthington, who gained viral fame in 2008 after refusing to apologize for a similar incident:

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