Alex Dobson has been taking his son Riley to burnout competitions since he was born

By Alex Heigl
Updated September 26, 2016 03:05 PM

There’s all kind of wisdom that dads can impart to their sons.

Perhaps doing a burnout is one that should wait until the kid’s in double-digit age.

Alex Dobson, a Queensland, Australia, man has been taking his son Riley to burnout competitions since he was born. (A “burnout” is that thing people do where they spin their car’s wheels while keeping it in place, causing the wheels to smoke and look all cool. It originally became a thing because of drag racing culture – drag tires perform better once they’re warmed up, and burnouts were an efficient way of doing that – but has since evolved into its own culture, with competitions dedicated only to performing burnouts and no racing.)

“He knows a lot of a lot for a 5-year-old child,” Dobson said of Riley’s experience in the burnout world. That was probably the rationale for letting Riley perform a burnout, unassisted, in their driveway, in Dobson’s car.

Oh, and then he posted it online Wednesday. “Remember, a car addiction stops a drug addiction,” he added, which we have been unable to medically fact-check.

“All Riley, all by himself,” Dobson can be heard saying in the video as smoke pours out from under the car. “Look, there’s no one in the car with you. High five.”

The video notched up over two million views and plenty of angry comments about parenting and driving, but soon spilled over into the real world when police came and seized Dobson’s car over the weekend. He told 9 News that he’s “beginning” to regret posting the video now, “only because how far it’s gone and the consequences.” (He may or may not be charged, since the incident took place on private property.)

But on the plus side, now Riley has experienced another aspect of car ownership.