Mandy Moore Feels Bad for Zach Braff

The singer says her ex is probably tired of hearing about her highly personal album

A lot of the songs on Mandy Moore‘s recently released album Wild Hope refer to love gone bad – and she feels sorry that her ex, Zach Braff, is probably asked about the album often.

“I’m sure he ll hear all about the record,” the 23-year-old singer says in the September issue of the British edition of Marie Claire. “[The] poor guy’s probably heard about it in every interview.”

And Moore’s lyrics aren’t exactly flattering. “You said you could be good, but somehow you’re guilty. And you’re not even sorry,” she sings at one point. Still, she says, she and Braff, 32, remain “in touch.”

Asked if she’s concerned about what Braff thinks, Moore says: “No, it doesn’t worry me because the record’s not necessarily all about him. It’s my point of view and my experience.”

Moore, who is often mum about her private life says that she couldn’t help making a personal album. “I wouldn’t know what else to write about other than how I really feel,” she says. “But selfishly or not, I wanted clarity on certain situations and how I was feeling about certain things, and that’s what propelled me to write.”

Moore’s also still in touch with exes Wilmer Valderrama and Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein, both of whom cheered her on at a recent show in Los Angeles.

Of her romance with Braff, she adds: “We weren’t like a big ‘going out’ couple. But when the relationship ended, it was “a bummer.” She says the split was the icing on a “the really bad cake. The burned cake.”

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