Darren Sisk met his girlfriend Crickett 10 years ago when he saved her granddaughter from getting hit by a car

By Alex Heigl
Updated July 11, 2016 12:10 PM

Darren Sisk met his longtime girlfriend, Crickett, 10 years ago. He stopped a car from hitting her grandson, breaking his own leg in the process.

Crickett came to visit him in the hospital as he recovered, and the pair fell in love. Sisk, however, was five years into his fight with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He was in remission at the time, but last week, doctors told him his organs were failing. “It’s a hard thing to go through,” he told Vancouver, Washington’s KGW. “I’m only 47.”

Two weeks ago, doctors told Sisk he had anywhere from six months to two years to live. Recently, he went in with stomach pains, and doctors downgraded that to a week. With so little time left, Sisk quickly assessed his priorities: He wanted to marry Crickett, and he wanted to see his grandchild.

Last Monday, Sisk and Crickett were married in his hospital room at the PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center, with about a dozen family members gathered. His daughter Jayleen arranged for an ultrasound (she’s due in eight weeks) in his room so Sisk could see his grandchild before he passed.

“Everyone in the room was happy for him because he was getting his wish, but it was hard to enjoy it knowing it will be our last celebration together,” daughter Chialeah Sisk told TODAY. “But we all put our emotions aside for him.”

“What an opportunity,” Sisk – who was moved back home for his final days – told KGW. “For most people, they don’t get this opportunity to say goodbye.”