After 60 years of marriage, Melvyn Amrine is still finding ways to surprise his wife
Credit: CBS Morning News

Doris and Melvyn Amrine have been married for 60 years, creating countless cherished memories during their decades together, reports CBS Sunday Morning. Sadly, some of these moments are beginning to slip away from Melvyn, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2011.

It has been difficult for Doris to watch the man she loves gradually forget the details of their romance, but Melvyn still continues to surprise his wife. Since the birth of their first child, Melvyn has made it a point to buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers for his wife each Mother’s Day. This year, Doris expected her husband to forget the tradition; instead something amazing happened.

Melvyn, who usually can’t make it around the block on his own, set off by himself the day before Mother’s Day. Worried that her husband was in trouble, Doris called the police to report Melvyn missing. Authorities soon found the everlasting romantic two miles away from home, walking to a store to buy a bundle of fresh flowers for his wife. Aware that Mother’s Day was near, the man was determined to get Doris her annual gift. The officers helped Melvyn with his purchase and brought him home to surprise his true love.

“It’s special because, even though the mind doesn t remember everything,” Doris told CBS Sunday Morning, “the heart remembers.”

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