"Everyone in the whole world can cook out except me," Scott Jordan said

By Alex Heigl
Updated July 28, 2015 03:45 PM
Credit: Neil Beckerman/Getty

Warning: Offensive Language Above

Depending on which side of the fence you fall on (sorry), it’s either a tale of a nosy neighbor or one man’s battle against an intrusive government.

Scott Jordan, a resident of St. Petersburg, Florida, uploaded this video of an argument he had with Pinellas County Environmental Specialist Joe Graham over the smoke from his commercial-quality grill. Apparently, the smoke from Jordan’s grill was either so pungent or so voluminous that he had received 15 complaints prior to Graham’s visit. However, 14 of those came from one neighbor.

So, Graham showed up and asked Jordan to contain his smoke.

“You are allowed to have smells on your property; that doesn’t count. When you have barbecue smells on the street …” he begins to explain, before Jordan interrupts and says the complaints are always coming from one neighbor.

“Everyone in the whole world can cook out except me,” Jordan claims.

Jordan’s friend, filming the incident, drops probably the most unintentionally hilarious line of the video when he tells Graham, “We can’t control the wind, God does that.”

As true today as when it was written.