By Hilary Shenfeld
Updated September 24, 2015 10:00 AM
Credit: Porter County Sheriff's Office

A Gary, Indiana man who went to an interview for a job at a fast food restaurant got an arrest record instead of the job after he threatened to kill people in the office and blow up the building after getting into a dispute with employees, police said.

The brouhaha erupted Monday at the headquarters for a KFC franchise, the Carlisle Restaurants in Portage, Indiana as Raymond L. Freeman Jr., 19, was completing job paperwork alongside a woman who also was filling out forms, according to a police report obtained by PEOPLE. She left and forgot her cell phone, which Freeman is accused of swiping and putting in his pocket, “showing no intention of returning the item into the office,” according to police reports.

The woman called back to see if anyone had found her phone, and office workers went to look for it, asking Freeman if he saw it. He pulled the phone out of his pocket and handed it over, police said, but the manager decided by then his job prospects had dimmed considerably, as she “felt he was dishonest and not able to be trusted in the handling of money,” according to the police report.

“We have an honesty police, and that doesn’t align with our honesty police,” the manager tells PEOPLE.

Freeman was asked to leave several times, but refused and became increasingly angry, at one point threatening to blow up the building, according to police reports. The manager asked him to leave again, but he wouldn’t and said, “that he wanted to ‘come back there and kill everybody here,'” police said.

Employees called for help, and Freeman finally left after the arrival of officers, who arrested him outside.

Cops say employees were shaken up by the incident. “Mr. Freeman made statements that you just cannot make and not expect to be arrested,” Portage Police Chief Troy Williams tells PEOPLE. “We’re glad he did not have a chance to act on them.”

Freeman, who told police he had planned to return the phone, denied making any threats and said he left when asked, faces charges of felony intimidation and misdemeanor theft. He was in the Porter County jail on a $1,000 bond awaiting his initial court appearance, according to the sheriff’s office.