May 13, 2015 02:45 PM

Before we go any further, you’re correct, this scenario was the basis for an episode of The Simpsons.

Having said that, bear witness to the tale of Steve Easton, 51, a Camberley, Surrey, U.K., man who recently sneezed out part of a toy dart that had been lodged in his nose for over 40 years.

“I started a sneezing fit and it came out of my left nostril,” Easton told The Guardian. “I thought, ‘What’s this? Where the hell has this come from?’ and pulled out this rubber sucker.”

Easton called his mother and father, both 77, who recalled that, yes, why now that you mention it, they did in fact take him to the hospital when he was 7 years old because they suspected he’d inhaled the top of one of his toy darts.

“[Doctors] spent a lot of time looking for it but in the end they said perhaps it was a mistake,” his mother told The Guardian.

Easton said he suffered from sniffles and headaches for most of his life, but chalked them up to garden-variety allergies. “I was completely unaware that it was in my nose for that long,” he said, before adding, “I feel no different now.”

“I wonder if there’s anything else up there.”

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