Maksim Myaskovskiy will spend 117 days in prison after pleading no contest

Maksim Myaskovskiy, the 18-year-old New York man accused of stalking Hilary Duff, was sentenced Friday to 117 days in jail and five years probation after pleading no contest to the charges, the Associated Press reports.

Myaskovskiy was arrested in November after Duff, 19, and her then-boyfriend Joel Madden, 27, sought a restraining order against Myaskovskiy and his roommate, celebrity photographer David Joseph Klein, 50.

Myaskovskiy was been charged with stalking the former Lizzie McGuire star after police said he contacted a private security firm employed by Duff and threatened her and Madden.

According to reps for Duff, the case against Klein was dismissed by an L.A. Superior Court judge “based upon (Klein’s) apologies for any misunderstanding, his cooperation, and his assurances that he will not seek further contact with Ms. Duff, Mr. Madden, or any of their family members or representatives.”