Mark Morant, 38, of Cleveland, appears to be paying a price for his honesty. Morant stumbled upon some $640,000 (in three bundles that collectively weighed nearly 150 pounds) that fell out of an armored car last week. He then waited two days to alert authorities because, he told the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper, he was trying to figure out how to claim the $75,000 reward. Morant, a security guard by trade, says, in fact, that the FBI sort of dissed him when he showed up to return the booty. “They told me to toss my keys at them,” he said. “They told me, ‘You are going to be here a while.’ They drilled me. They told me, ‘You’re not getting a reward, and you’re lucky you’re not going to jail.’ ” In the end, Morant was not charged with anything, but there’s not been a report of his collecting the $75Gs, either.