Palm Beach County Jail
July 27, 2015 02:00 PM

Do not hire this man to mow your lawn.

John Scott Falbo II, 24, who used to work for a landscaping company, intentionally ran over nine ducklings on May 2 in Wellington, Florida.

On Thursday, Falbo was sentenced to a year in Palm Beach County Jail and three years probation for both the duck massacre and separate charges of domestic battery. Falbo was ordered to complete 10 hours of community service every month after he is released from jail and receives a mental health evaluation. Falbo will also be prohibited from owning any animals.

“They were in my path so I just kept mowing,” Falbo said, according to the police report.

But Boyd Jentzsch, who witnessed the disturbing incident alongside his wife and their young son, remembers it differently. “He wasn’t even cutting the grass He went right toward [the ducklings] and veered to the left,” he told WFTV.

Jentzsch had gone inside his house after leaving food in his yard for the duck family. Then, looking out a window, Jentzsch saw Falbo slaughter the young animals. Jentzsch says that when he ran outside and yelled at Falbo to stop, the landscaper smiled at him and then backed up his mower to kill more ducklings. Shortly after, Jentzsch called the police.

“They should have just thrown away the keys. There is no justification for what he’s done,” Jentzsch said.

Jentzsch and his family routinely feed the ducks that live in the lake behind their home. “These are our babies, we love to feed them,” Jentzsch told the Sun Sentinel.

Four ducklings and their mother escaped Falbo’s attack.

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