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Because the only thing cuter than a baby is a furry animal

December 03, 2015 09:15 AM

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but for blogger Gordy Yates, cats are something more – they’re like his children.

At least, they appear to be so in a number of photos where he recreates his sister’s family photos – substituting his cat for his sister’s kids.

In a post on his website, Gordy (Gordy) Blog, he writes about how he and his twin sister Meredith differ.

Meredith, he says, is the more thoughtful of the two. Without fail, she sends Gordy a present on her birthday every year, but he admits that he usually doesn’t do the same for his sister because she lives far away.

“[She] is so great and I am so bad.” he says.

So this year, Gordy decided to step up and get his sister a gift. And after missing her birthday for so many years, he knew that a sweater or a “Best Sister Ever” mug wasn’t going to cut it.

Instead, he decided to recreate dozens of his 28-year-old sister’s best social media photos.

Courtesy Gordy Gordy

For fashion snaps and selfies, this was easy enough. But photos with Meredith’s children were more difficult to recreate, due to the lack of kids of his own.

His substitute? A cat.

Courtesy Gordy Gordy

While the similarities between the two may be difficult for some to see at first, Yates told Babble that they’re actually more alike than you may realize.

“They both like to eat off of and crawl on the floor, they both like to bite me, they re both really small, they re both really hard to control, and I can t give birth to either of them,” he says.

Courtesy Gordy Gordy

Not to mention, the photos will make for an excellent answer to all those questions from pesky relatives who’ll be asking Yates, who currently “lives the single life of parties,” when he’ll be settling down himself.

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