"We were told two or three times she wasn't going to make it," Michael Rice said of his wife Laura

By Alex Heigl
March 01, 2016 11:50 AM

Laura Rice was on life support for nearly two months at Borgess Hospital in West Michigan. She spent Christmas, New Year’s, and her birthday on a ventilator.

Last week, she miraculously woke up, and she’s coming home. But thanks to her husband Michael, it’ll be like she hasn’t missed a thing. Michael promised to keep the family home’s Christmas decorations up until she came back.

“I thought I was dead,” Laura told WWMT. “And then when I looked at the date, the last thing I remember was putting up Christmas things at the house.”

The couple has gone through difficult times in recent years. Laura was diagnosed with kidney disease and renal failure, and in December, she came down with pneumonia, which resulted in serious medical complications.

But coming home to the lights still set up, she added, made her feel “almost like a kid again, it was just so special.”

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“We were told two or three times she wasn’t going to make it,” Michael explained to WWMT.

The family had more or less come to terms with what they thought was a terminal situation when Laura woke up. She’s currently going through therapy, and doctors say she’s expected to make a full recovery by summer.

“He was bound and determined to hold on and keep me and he didn’t want to lose me, I didn’t want to lose him either,” Laura said.