Gopi R. Ghaware got quite a punishment for swallowing a stolen chain
Credit: Getty

The Mumbai police department has an … uhhh … interesting approach to recovering stolen property.

According to the Hindustan Times, police in the Indian city forced a man to eat four dozen bananas Wednesday after he swallowed a 25-gram gold chain to avoid being caught with the stolen jewelry.

Gopi R. Ghaware, a 25-year-old resident of the Wadala district of Mumbai, was chased down by onlookers after snatching the chain off of a woman. When police arrived, they took him to Rajawadi Hospital for an x-ray.

The x-ray revealed that a metallic object was in Ghaware’s stomach, and he finally admitted to the crime after an interrogation.

And here’s where things got, well, bananas.

Officers then presented Ghaware with a basketful of bananas and forced him to eat them for hours on end, with the hopes that the chain would, you know, reemerge along with them.

When the moment came Friday morning, the thief was escorted to the restroom by officers, who – making yet another insane decision in an already nonsensical situation – had cameras rolling while the chain, as the Hindustan Times delicately puts it, “finally slithered out of Ghaware’s system.”

The accused was ordered to clean off the chain with phenyl before he was placed under arrest.

The method seems to be tried and true for Mumbai police, who reportedly forced another accused Anil Yadav to eat 50 bananas last April for similar jewelry-retrieving purposes.

The issue raises many questions, both about the Indian criminal justice system and about what kind of person would still want the chain after all it had – um – been through.