Behind the bathroom door this man finds a lavatory that is "better" than his entire apartment

By Kelli Bender
Updated December 30, 2014 01:15 PM

Along with flat tires and annoying fellow passengers, one of the most dreaded hazards of taking a road trip is having to use a gas station bathroom.

Dark, dirty and devoid of toilet paper, these spaces are what nightmares are made of. But, if you happen to be traveling through the Philippines, fear no more.

At a Shell station in the island province of Bohol, tourist Jason Godfrey discovered what might be the finest porcelain throne in the annals of gas stations. Happily, Godfrey has immortalized the encounter with a video.

In the clip, viewers venture beyond the lavatory door into a showplace restroom outfitted in wood trim, fine art, model boats and a wide selection of reading material.

“This toilet is better than my room,” Godfrey says to the camera. “It’s better than my entire apartment, actually.”

Sadly, we can relate.