When Kevin Cotter's wife divorced him after 12 years of marriage, the only thing she left behind was her wedding dress

Kevin Cotter knows all about turning lemons into lemonade.

In 2009, after 12 years of marriage, Cotter’s wife divorced him, leaving behind only her wedding dress, reports WKRN.

Heartbroken and confused, Cotter asked his departing wife what he was supposed to do with the gown. Her reply? Whatever he wanted.

Cotter took his ex’s suggestions to heart and started the blog My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress in 2011, where he documented over a hundred alternative uses he found for the piece. Cotter’s creations spanned from the silly to the utilitarian. The dress has seen new life as a kite, Halloween costume, hammock, oven mitt, jump rope and more.

The jilted husband’s journey to transform his ex’s parting gift became so popular that it was recently turned into the book 101 Uses for My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress.

Now, with his creative energy exhausted, Cotter has turned the focus of his blog to a different subject: his life with his new wife and kids.

See some of Cotter’s uses for his ex’s wedding dress in action below.

Tow Rope

Golf Net

Fish Catcher

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