Want to own some junk that may have once belonged to a rock legend? Thanks to Craigslist, you can
Credit: Courtesy Craigslist; Inset: Frank Micelotta/Getty

Michael Jackson‘s white glove, Freddie Mercury‘s jumpsuit, Eric Clapton‘s guitar – all priceless rock artifacts, and all financially out of reach for the vast majority of music fans.

But there’s good news for collectors with more modest incomes: A Seattle man claiming to be Kurt Cobain‘s old roommate is selling the late musician’s skis on Craigslist, all for the slightly low price of $800. (The poles are not included.)

“I used to live with Kurt Cobain back in the ’90s and I have been holding a bunch of stuff that he left in a box when he moved out,” the poster says. “He owed us rent and said he would get the box when he came back and give us money, but he never came back.”

“Then when he was famous, he never really talked to us again.”

Also included in the box of junk is a Swatch twin phone in “really good condition,” going for $575, and an old TOMY video game called Kingman, for $425.

Seattle’s Q13FOX got in touch with the poster, who is only going by his first name, Alex. The network verified that Alex had indeed been a part of the early ’90s grunge scene with Cobain, but could not confirm whether any of the items on sale actually belonged to the Nirvana frontman.

Why is he selling now? Alex told Q13FOX that the box of Cobain’s possessions had ended up at his parents’ house, where it stayed for more than two decades. Now his parents are moving, and he thought it was time for some spring cleaning.

“I remembered I had this stuff,” he told the network. “[Kurt’s legend] has never been as big a deal to me as he is to kids. I was just a friend of his, you know?”

UPDATE: As feared, the post was a hoax. According to Revolt TV, the stunt was the work of Sub Pop receptionist Derek Erdman, a Seattle prankster with a long history of fooling the media. Including us, this time.

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