The customer wasn't given an exchange or return, because Walmart said there wasn't enough proof he'd been duped
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Baksht recently went to one of the superstores located in Stapleton, Colorado, to do a little holiday shopping for his family. Among the gifts he picked up was a PlayStation 4 (PS4) bundle for his 13-year-old niece.

Before wrapping up the surprise present, valued at over $400, Baksht decided to check that all the pieces were inside. Good thing he did, because when he opened up the bundle he didn’t find a PS4, but two bags of rocks instead, reports KMGH.

Distraught over his discovery, the concerned uncle tried to take action immediately. Since the Walmart he bought the gift from was closed, he brought it to a 24-hour Walmart store near his home. The store turned him away, telling Baksht that he needed to take the phony PS4 bundle to the store he purchased it from.

The next morning, Baksht returned to the original Walmart and explained his situation, including comments made by the employee who sold him the box originally – that Walmart worker said the bundle was recently returned to the store and seemed to weigh more than the others.

Baksht was turned away and not given an exchange or return, because the store felt there wasn’t enough proof that he’d been duped.

“I never stole anything in my life. The most criminal thing that I’ve [done], I got a driving ticket,” Baksht told KMGH.

But Baksht didn’t stop there – he contacted the store’s manager and Walmart’s corporate office. Finally, on Christmas Eve, Baksht received a call from the Stapleton store, saying he could bring back the PS4 box of rocks and exchange it for the real thing.