Harriet Sokmensuer
October 21, 2015 01:00 PM

A man who is accused of murdering seven people over the span of seven weeks told police he heard the devil s voice in his head, NBC10 reports.

Todd West, 23, who PEOPLE first reported on in July, was arrested on July 6 after shooting three people the day before.

On Oct. 20, a detective testified that West had told him he heard the devil s voice in his head.

“The voice was telling him, ‘Eat, eat, stop being picky, eat,'” the detective told the court.

The trial comes months after West’s violent shooting rampage this summer.

West began his spree on June 25 at 2:30am when he killed 28-year-old Dennis Vega. Police responded to repots of gunshots fired and found Vega s body at an intersection in Elizabeth, NJ.

Later that same day, West took his next victim. At 10pm, West allegedly shot Jamil Payne, 29, to death.

While police were investigating the crime scene of Payne, West allegedly struck again less than a mile away. This time, it was Kelvin Nelson, 32, who was shot and killed.

Minutes after the call came in for Nelson, Richard Marte, 24, was found nearby suffering from severe bullet wounds. He was taken to a hospital and recovered.

Investigators were able to connect the shootings after concluding that the bullets had all come from the same .38-caliber, six-shot revolver.

By the time they identified West for the shootings, the Elizabeth, NJ resident had already fled.

It wasn t long before West went on a killing spree again. On July 5, West killed three more people in Easton, Penn. and Allentown, Penn. in the span of 40 minutes.

West had allegedly been driving around with a friend (who is now a co-defendant in the trial) at 3.am. when he spotted 22-year-old Keaton Ketrew walking down a street in Easton. Detectives told the court that after spotting Ketrew, West got out of the SUV, said “see you later” to his friend and shot Ketrew, NBC10 reports.

West then allegedly moved on to his next victim – Francin E. Ramos, 32 – whose body was found in Allentown.

West s alleged third victim of the night, Trevor Davanta Gray, was only 21-years-old and was also shot in Allentown. Gray died while paramedics treated him.

During their investigation, police uncovered a connection between West and the death of his cousin Michael Tompkins, 29.

West knew two of the seven victims: Tompkins and Payne. All the other shootings were at random, Lehigh County First Assistant District Attorney Steven M. Luksa said.

Two accomplices, Robert Jourdain and Kareem Mitchell, are facing charges in connection to the shooter. All three defendants are pleading not guilty, NBC10 reports.

After the hearing, West s lawyer told local media that he was looking into a mental health evaluation for his client.

West faces four counts of murder, for the deaths of Thompkins, Vega, Nelson and Payne, and one count of attempted murder for the shooting of Marte, Union County Prosecutor Grace Park said at a press conference after his arrest.

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