September 14, 2015 09:35 AM

The Doublemint Twins have nothing on this group.

Phil and Doug Malm are a set of identical twins, as are Jena and Jill. Phil and Doug married Jena and Jill, respectively, in 1993 at the Twins Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, and returned to the festival to celebrate their 22nd anniversary this week.

Oh, did we mention that they all live together with their children (each couple has one) in Moscow, Idaho?

The Twins Festival is the largest gathering of twins in the world, and this year is its 40th installment, which attracted twins from locations as far-flung as Venezuela.

Via Smithsonian, the story of Twinsville, entirely too good to include in an abridged or paraphrased manner:

“In 1819, shortly after Moses and Aaron Wilcox arrived in the tiny town of Millsville, Ohio, the identical twins struck a deal with town officials: Rename the town Twinsburg in their honor, and they would donate six acres of land for a public square and throw in $20 toward a new school.”

“Moses and Aaron were lifelong business partners, married women who were sisters, had the same number of children, contracted the same fatal disease and died within hours of each other. They were buried in the same grave, one above the other, in Twinsburg’s Locust Grove Cemetery.”

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