The actress, Peter Sarsgaard and their newborn win a battle with their landlords

Maggie Gyllenhaal, her fiancé Peter Sarsgaard and their newborn daughter Ramona won’t be kicked out of their apartment, the New York Post reports.

The actress, 28, faced eviction from her $5,000-a-month apartment in downtown Manhattan after two of the three owners of her building argued she didn’t have a valid lease (her lease had been signed only by the third owner).

Gyllenhaal filed an affidavit reading, “I am residing in the subject premises pursuant to a lease duly executed by one of the owners of the subject premises.”

Manhattan Civil Court Judge Marc Finkelstein agreed, noting that “she has paid and continues to pay all the rent under that lease.”

The actress’s attorney, Lorraine Nadel, tells the Post, “Maggie should never have been dragged into this. The owners of the building should have fought it out themselves and left her out of it.”

Gyllenhaal moved into the apartment in 2005, and has the option to stay though the end of 2007 – though she and Sarsgaard reportedly are planning to buy a 3,600-sq.-ft. townhouse in Brooklyn.