25 years ago, the Queen of Pop launched the most iconic '90s dance craze

May 29, 2015 11:40 AM

Madonna may not have invented voguing – a style of dance popular in late-Eighties dance clubs – but she launched the craze (and continued her reign as queen of pop, a year after "Like a Prayer") with her iconic 1990 single “Vogue.”

The singer wrote the house-pop song, which was the lead single off her album I’m Breathless, after studying vogue dancers at a New York City club. (She even flew a few of the voguers she met to Los Angeles for the music video shoot.)

The song sat comfortably at the top spot on the Billboard charts from May 19 to June 2 in 1990, but its cultural resonance endured much longer than its two-week stint at No. 1.

Performing the song at the 1990 MTV Video Music Awards dressed as a sexy Marie Antoinette – shocking viewers not with a scandalous make-out but with elaborate production, choreography and costuming – Madonna confirmed her status as pop royalty.

But she already knew that. In the song, the star recites the names of 16 Hollywood icons, including Marilyn Monroe (who seems to have inspired her video look), Marlon Brando and Grace Kelly, which drew criticisms for “name-dropping.” We think Madge had every right to posture herself among pop culture’s elite – 25 years later, she’s still killing the game.

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