Her physical trainer says the singer "fell on her bum" off the horse but "is fine"
Credit: Michelly Rall/Getty

Madonna‘s Saturday equestrian accident in the Hamptons was a real bummer, says her physical trainer.

“She fell on her bum,” Tracy Anderson told PEOPLE at Monday night’s Cookie Magazine Smart Cookie Awards at New York’s Rose Hall, which honored a number of causes, including mothers for their work with women’s and children’s causes, Cookie cover woman Salma Hayek for her involvement with UNICEF and Tetanus vaccination, Uma Thurman for her work with the New York charity Room to Grow, and Debra Messing with YouthAIDS.

So how is the Material Mom doing?

“She’s fine,” said Anderson, also noting that the “really unfortunate” accident was caused “because the paparazzi scared her horse.”

The fall won’t stop Madonna, 50, from working out with Anderson, who trains the star two hours a day, six days a week and offers tips for looking great at any age.

“She doesn’t take time off,” said Anderson, whom Gwyneth Paltrow credits with getting her in shape. “I m just going to modify [the workout] a little bit and get her moving again.”