April 03, 2008 03:10 PM

If dancing can save the world, then Madonna and Justin Timberlake may as well be superheroes: The two join forces in the feisty, special effects-laden video for the Madonna’s latest single, “4 Minutes.” As a giant clock offers an ominous four-minute countdown, the two cavort on cars, down a grocery checkout counter and even in a bedroom as a giant prism-like effect encroaches. The singers trade verses, dance-moves and even faux kisses in the clip. Things get hotter as time continues to fly – and the they even share a small striptease and a liplock. Just call it sexy sci-fi! Look for a cameo from Timbaland, who also appears on the song. Bottom line: We’re not exactly sure what the two are battling – but never has the apocalypse seemed hipper.

The full video is now available for purchase on iTunes. Madonna’s latest album, Hard Candy, will be released on April 29.
Brian Orloff

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