June 15, 2001 11:00 AM

Before Madonna” hits HBO with a live presentation of her “Drowned World Tour 2001” from her home state of Michigan on Aug. 26, the British Broadcasting Corporation is going to follow around the current London resident with cameras, the state-owned station has announced. The purpose will be to produce a one-hour documentary to be shown in early July, in advance of the British leg of her world tour. (Ten years ago, Madonna served as the subject of a feature-length film documentary, “Madonna: Truth or Dare.”) “Madonna herself will not be interviewed for this program, but it is being done with her blessing,” a BBC spokeswoman told Reuters. “It is not a history of Madonna but about the way she has been adopted by the public and made London her home.” Last Christmas, the Material Mom, 42, married British film director Guy Ritchie, 32. The documentary is due to feature interviews with Britney Spears as well as fashion designers Stella McCartney and Jean-Paul Gaultier. After the London concerts (July 4-12), Madonna wings it across the Atlantic for the U.S. portion of the tour.

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