Madonna Tops Brit List of Rich Women

Current PEOPLE covergirl Madonna earned 30 million pounds — about $43.8 million — to top the list of Britain’s highest earning people, compiled by the Sunday Times newspaper. The pop star, 43, Madonna, who is married to British director Guy Ritchie, qualified because she has a home in London, the newspaper said. J.K. Rowling, 36, author of four Harry Potter books, ranked second in the annual Pay List, with an income of 24.8 million pounds — about $36.2 million — in the year ending Oct. 1. Queen Elizabeth II, 75, was the country’s third highest earning woman, with income of 15.2 million pounds, or $22.2 million. Madonna’s income makes her the 11th highest earner in England overall. The top earner was motor racing magnate Bernie Ecclestone, who made $1.15 billion, primarily through selling a 25% in Formula One racing. In other news of Madonna, the Internet bids just didn’t materialize for her childhood home in Michigan, reports the Associated Press, so its current owner — who set the price at $324,000 — is resorting to a more traditional sale. An auctioneer will take bids for the Material Girl’s childhood home Nov. 17. Madonna lived in the home, outside of Detroit, with her father, stepmother, and seven siblings from age 12 until she went to the University of Michigan. Her father and stepmother sold the house in July and no one has lived in it since.

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