The pop icon tells PEOPLE that she's pondering another child, and weighs in on Elton John

By Todd Gold
November 24, 2004 01:55 PM

Three months after finishing her Re-Invention Tour, Madonna is currently enjoying quiet time with her family in London, she’s just published her fourth book for young readers, The Adventures of Abdi – and, at 46, she tells PEOPLE she wouldn’t mind getting pregnant again.

She’s not making any definite plans, but the pop icon says: “I’m going to have fun with my husband and see what happens.”

Madonna, who’s married to director Guy Ritchie, also talked about her new career as a children’s author, her thoughts on Elton John’s recent comments claiming she lip-syncs, and her friendship with mom Gwyneth Paltrow and mom-to-be Stella McCartney.

McCartney and Paltrow recently paid tribute to Madonna when she was inducted into the U.K. Music Hall of Fame. “It was very emotional,” she says. “It’s taken me a long time to feel comfortable in England, like it’s my home and I’m welcome here, so it meant a lot to me. And Gwyneth (Paltrow) and Stella (McCartney) did a tribute film to me that was hysterical, so I was surrounded by people I love.”

As for parenting advice to Paltrow, she says: “I tell her to stop trying to be Supermom. She’s a hard-working girl and she didn’t have a nanny for ages. I kept asking how she did it. She’s a very good mother.”

Madonna also shook off the recent comments by Elton John, saying, “He was obviously having a bad day.”

“When I read about it I was surprised because I’ve always thought of Elton as a friend,” she says. “I’ve always had friendly exchanges. I’ve had tea at his country house. I’ve had dinner at his house in the city. I’ve gone out to dinner at restaurants and we have mutual friends.”

Meanwhile, Madonna’s current career plans continue to work on her children’s books. “My focus is to turn The English Roses (her first children’s book) into a world of adventure and inspiration for girls,” she says. “I want to turn it into a film. I want there to be an English Roses column where girls can write in and ask questions. I want to be able to help girls and in the process help myself.”

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