By Todd Peterson
Updated November 25, 2002 12:00 PM

Madonna’s been a very naughty girl — but only for a few moments.

If you were among the legion of fans who turned out over the weekend to see “Die Another Day,” the latest James Bond thriller, and think you momentarily saw Madonna in the high-adrenaline flick, you’re right.

In fact, it’s probably safe to say more people caught a glimpse of her this weekend than during the entire run of “Swept Away.”

Not only did the Material Girl perform the Bond movie’s title song, she enjoyed a cameo as the character Verity. Reuters reports that when Madonna was putting together the theme song, she mentioned to director Lee Tamahori (whose credits include “Once Were Warriors” and 1996’s “Mulholland Falls”) that she wouldn’t mind a bit part in the film.

Although the part hadn’t been fully realized, Tamahori told the 44-year-old actress and singer about a small role, which he originally envisioned as a “quasi-lesbian, dominatrix fencing instructor.”

Plus, he promised the star “a smashing costume,” according to Reuters.

All in all, the New Zealand-born director says he was pleased with the appearance. “It’s nice when you can just slip someone into the picture and they just appear and people go, ‘Wasn’t that Madonna?'” Tamahori said.