If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em: Madonna plans to play a cynical tabloid TV reporter in her next movie, a romantic comedy tentatively titled “Ton 80.” It is her first film since 1996’s “Evita.” Variety says the flick is to be made by Warner Bros. under Madonna’s Madguy production banner. (The trade publication also notes that her movies have “yielded mixed results at best.”) In the script, by Andrew Fishman, Madonna’s character is assigned to find and expose a reclusive, female, self-help author. It turns out the author is a gruff, handsome, dysfunctional man who hardly takes his life lessons to heart. Trouble is, the reporter falls in love with him and must decide whether or not to jeopardize their relationship by selling him out. The term “Ton 80” comes from the game of darts and refers to the highest possible score of a triple 20. “Don’t be surprised if the film gets a title makeover by the time it’s ready to be made into a film,” says Variety.

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