Madonna Gets Razzed

Hollywood — well, to be exact, Madonna and John Travolta — got its annual poke in the ribs on Oscar eve Saturday thanks to the 21st annual Golden Raspberry Foundation dis-honors for the worst onscreen in 2000. And the winners or, rather, losers include the cast and crew of the sci-fi epic Battlefield Earth,” Madonna and “Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2.” “Battlefield,” based on Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s novel and starring John Travolta as a barbarous alien, took seven Razzies, thus putting it on a par with 1996’s “Showgirls” (which also got seven awards in its time) as among the worst movies ever made. Travolta got Razzed, as well, for being a “Rasta-haired, yellow-toothed, cackling psychotic alien,” the non-profit Golden Raspberry Foundation said in its announcement of winners. Screenplay, direction and supporting cast, which included Travolta’s spouse, Kelly Preston, were also cited. Madonna was named worst actress for her turn as a single mom in “The Next Best Thing,” and “Book of Shadows” was voted worst remake or sequel. Some 535 members of the Raspberry group determined the prizewinners, and their choices left at least one interested party jumping for joy. “Battlefield” producer Elie Samaha told Reuters, “I welcome the free publicity. The more the critics hit ‘Battlefield Earth,’ the more DVDs it sells.”

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