Spears "didn't get to grow up and make mistakes privately says Madonna
Credit: INF; StarTraks

Britney Spears oh-so-public woes can be blamed on her growing up in the limelight, says Madonna.

“I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that she was never allowed to have a childhood,” Madonna told the BBC in an interview that aired Tuesday. She didn’t get to grow up and make mistakes privately and try things out and just be a kid and be innocent. She’s been watched, judged and been under a microscope since she’s been a teenager. It’s hard to evolve that way.”

Thankfully for Madonna, her own kids seem uninterested in mom’s fame. “They come to the rehearsals. But they’re sort of over it. They like to skateboard around.”

In fact, they clamor for a “normal mom.” Asked if they give her a hard time for working so much, Madonna say, “Yeah! ‘When are you coming home?’ ‘Why are you always working?’ ‘Why can’t you just be like a normal mom?’ I just remind them about all the things that they have, and that if I didn’t do what I did they wouldn t have those things.”

So what are the perks? “They get to travel a lot, they get to do a lot of interesting things and meet a lot of interesting people. Usually that shuts them up.”