November 09, 2004 03:00 PM

Madonna is speaking out about the war in Iraq – calling for troops to be sent home just as a major offensive launches on the Iraqi city of Fallujah.

“My feelings are, ‘Can we just all get out?,'” the 46-year-old Kabbalah-practicing star tells BBC radio. “I just don’t want American troops to be in Iraq, period.”

The singer, actress and children’s book author, who is married to director Guy Ritchie, says she doesn’t think the war in Iraq is helping to battle terrorism.

“Global terror is everywhere. Global terror is down the street, around the block,” she says. “Global terror is in California. There’s global terror everywhere and it’s absurd to think you can get it by going to one country and dropping tons of bombs on innocent people.”

Madonna, who supported retired Gen. Wesley Clark during his brief bid for the presidency, also says the recent election is a symbol of the division among Americans.

“People are becoming very polarized,” she says. “We have people who don’t want to think, and who just want to guard what is theirs, and they’re selfish and limited in their thinking and they’re very fearful in their choices.”

The singer lives in England, which has also committed troops to Iraq.

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