With 55 shows in 19 markets, the Material Mom is expected to make $120 million

By Stephen M. Silverman
June 01, 2004 08:00 AM

Fueled by a $300 top ticket price – though felled by the star’s stomach flu and canceled performances in Israel – Madonna will still be able to boast the top money-making tour of 2004, with a gross in the $120 million range and attendance of about 920,000, reports Billboard.

The 45-year-old star’s “Re-Invention” tour, which launched last week in Los Angeles and is largely a retrospective of her career, sold out quickly in nearly all of its venues, with numerous dates having to be added to the route.

All told, the tour includes 55 shows in 19 markets – 39 concerts in North America and 16 in Europe. (By comparison, Madonna’s 2001 tour grossed $75 million from 47 sellouts, according to Billboard Boxscore.)

Chris Lamb, a veteran Eagles and Paul McCartney tour production manager who’s also in charge of the “Re-Invention” show, says the May 24 opening night at the Los Angeles Forum was the culmination of six months of preparation.

“That’s Madonna – she’s a perfectionist,” Lamb says. “This is a show, not a concert. This is more theater than rock ‘n’ roll.”

The show is configured at 270 degrees, with no seats sold behind the stage. All seats are reserved, but two pits inside the stage area accommodate about 50 contest winners in each market.

“The entire set design starts with Madonna,” Lamb says. “She says, ‘This is what I’m thinking. Tell me what you can do.’ ”