Madison Wolfe plays Janet Hodgson, a young girl who finds herself at the center of a horror story in her own home, in The Conjuring 2

By Nicole Sands
Updated June 03, 2016 06:30 PM
Credit: Michael Stewart/WireImage

Madison Wolfe has never been afraid of the boogieman under her bed. While the young actress, 13, has starred in more than a few thrillers including Devil’s Due and the upcoming The Conjuring 2 (in theaters June 10), she remains unfazed and open to all opportunities presented to her.

Here are five things to know about The Conjuring 2‘s lead Madison Wolfe:

1. She believes she’s been in touch with the supernatural.

“I’m never ever scared on set,” Wolfe tells PEOPLE about her experiences with playing and surrounding herself with chilling characters. “I was never haunted by my character, but I did do a lot of research on Janet and the Enfield Poltergeist before and during filming, actually.”

She adds of a particular situation that caught her off guard during pre-production: “When I was taping the auditions and my acting coach uploaded it on her computer, the date was 1979 and that is in the time period of Conjuring, and obviously we didn t upload it in 1979, so that was pretty creepy.”

2. Congratulations are in order for the new graduate.

“I just graduated middle school, so I’m really looking forward to beginning high school because here [in New Orleans] high school is eighth grade,” she says. “It’s kind of weird.”

While most of her days are spent in a director’s chair rather than a plastic desk chair, she makes sure to never let herself fall behind in school. “I really keep up with my schoolwork and my parents help me so much with that,” says Wolfe. “It’s hard sometimes because I’ll be on set and I’ll be doing a really intense scene and I’ll have to go work on algebra while staying in character.”

3. There’s more than one Wolfe in town.

Wolfe and her younger sister, Meghan, 9, have played sisters twice onscreen – once on True Detective and another time in Trumbo – which happened to be “the coolest thing ever.”

“I think that we both learn from each other and we’re constantly taping and auditioning together, and it’s great because if I get an audition and I need someone to read with me or even have a question, she’s younger than me, but she’s amazing and an amazing actress,” says Wolfe.

4. She’s a budding writer and director.

“When I was younger, I used to write scripts and make my grandmother and my aunt play different characters, and eventually my aunt signed me up for Launch, which is an acting school here in New Orleans. I started taking classes and really fell in love with the craft,” says Wolfe. “It actually just began as an extracurricular activity, and I didn t really expect anything out of it because I loved it, so it just turned into something amazing.”

5. And she has even more extracurricular activities outside of acting.

As if Wolfe doesn t have enough on her plate, she also enjoys cheerleading, swimming, photography and horseback riding, which she’s “pretty good” at.

“I love really anything with animals,” says Wolfe, who has yet to get a horse of her own, but does have a dog named Molly.

“Really, I just like to hang with my friends because I’m away so often,” she adds of how she spends her, so to speak, “free” time. “The time that I spend with them is really valuable, and my family, also.”