Twitter Is 'Losing It' Over One Direction's New Album Announcement

Photo: Sven Jacobsen

Twitter officially can’t handle One Direction-related news.

This morning, after 1D announced that their forthcoming album, Made in the AM, is now available for pre-order iTunes, Directioners on Twitter proceeded to have a meltdown, as they are known to.

The meltdown was particularly explosive because the announcement contained not just one, but several pieces of new, juicy information about the band’s forthcoming album: 1. We learned its name, Made in the A.M.. 2. We learned its release date – Nov. 13. 3. We got to listen to a new track, “Infinity,” which came with the album pre-order. 4. We were able to ogle at the cover art, which some fans speculate “left a spot for Zayn.”

As could be expected, Twitter exercised zero chill in their processing of all this information – from declaring the Nov. 13 release date a national holiday to hypothesizing that “A.M.” stands for “After Malik.”

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