A Friendly Reminder Sia Muse Maddie Ziegler Is Only 12 Years Old

However, we have reason to believe she's a super-human graceful alien sent from Planet Talented


Maddie Ziegler’s latest Sia music video is just another reason why we’re increasingly blown away by the dancer and also why we’re making it to spin class tonight.

While her theatrical turn for “Big Girls Cry” may lack the same twists and turns Ziegler put on display for “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart” – never mind that Grammys performance – it’s equally impressive, especially when you take into account she’s 12 years old.

Yup: 12. Years. Old.

While we were too busy switching up the fonts on our LiveJournals and stalking our crushes’ lockers, the Dance Moms prodigy is spending her pre-teen days starring in boundary-pushing, artistically nuanced, Twitter-mesmerizing music videos.

Although we have reason to believe she’s a super-human graceful alien sent from Planet Talented to make us mere mortals look really clumsy, here’s your friendly reminder that she is, indeed, a 12-year-old girl from Pittsburgh who does 12-year-old girl things, too.

Sure, she gets to walk red carpets

But she fangirls out

She likes pink

She enjoys hanging out with her fam, including sister and fellow dancer Mackenzie

She’s learning the art of telling boys how she really feels

Oh, and her selfie game – enough said

So, yeah, pretty much your average 12-year-old girl

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