Can you image Don Draper on the cover of Esquire? We can

By Alex Heigl
Updated May 19, 2015 12:55 PM

Mad Men has come to an end. We’re all very sad about that, yes, but thankfully, the drama continues to live on in the hearts, minds and wardrobes of everyone it has touched.

A great example: The thriving community of Mad Men-related fan art is alive and well on DeviantArt. The show’s aesthetic has provided a fertile ground for artists of all stripes to play with, and Aaron Kirby is one such artist. Going by AtomicKirby, he playfully combines all kinds of pop culture touchstones with retro illustrations. Check out his Mad Men series, which positions the show’s various stars as cover models from iconic magazines.

It was either this or the cover of Deceitful Alpha Male Weekly.

She looks a lot happier in those shades than she did with a bottle of whipped cream.

Not pictured: Sally in therapy for 40-some-odd years.

Not pictured: How being married to Fred Armisen changed Elisabeth Moss.

Altogether now: “ Zou bisou bisou!

No, we have no plans to ever stop wearing our Joan-inspired pen necklace, why do you ask?