Grammy winning singer Macy Gray, 33, suffered the same kind of slings and arrows once aimed at Roseanne when she struggled through the national anthem before the Pro Football Hall of Fame exhibition game in her Ohio hometown of Canton Monday night. The Associated Press reports that the “I Try” singer, wearing a Cleveland Browns jersey and a large cap, sang an unusual and tentative version of the “Star Spangled Banner” as her signature raspy voice grew ever more wobbly. The jeering from the crowd started when she miffed some lyrics. Then a low-flying formation of planes reportedly drowned her out the end. She was booed and laughed at. Hours before the ill-fated performance, Gray, whose real name is Natalie McIntyre, told an interviewer from her parents’ home that she had only agreed to sing the anthem in order to please her mother. Asked if she was nervous about the song, Gray said, “I don’t know. I have no idea what to expect.” In 1990 at a San Diego Padres game, Roseanne grabbed her crotch, spat and screeched while singing the national anthem, and was not only booed by the crowd in attendance but also criticized by then-President George Bush. She later said that her entire performance was meant to be a joke.