"Actually, I m very much at peace lately," Culkin told The Guardian

By Karen Mizoguchi
Updated July 19, 2016 12:15 AM
Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images For Turner

Macaulay Culkin has distanced himself from the Hollywood limelight.

“I don’t just turn my back, I actively don’t want it,” the actor told The Guardian of fame.

Culkin, who’s been acting since age 4, has been living in France these days where he sought privacy from the media.

“I was thinking about this the other day – I’d crossed the wrong street, picked up a tail, suddenly there s a crush of 20 paparazzi. Then people with cameraphones get involved. I don’t think I’m worthy of that,” Culkin, 35, said in response to why he thinks people are still fascinated with him.

As he moved farther away from Hollywood, many became worried for his well being or as Culkin explained: creating false rumors. “No, I was not pounding six grand of heroin every month or whatever,” he clarified, adding, “The thing that bugged me was tabloids wrapping it all in this weird guise of concern. No, you’re trying to shift papers.”

On his relationship with the media he said: “It’s been like that my whole adult life. You take on a prey-like attitude, always scanning the horizon. It’s strange on dates, as it looks like you’re not paying attention.”

As of late, Culkin has hinted of early retirement. “People feel they have to be in perpetual motion, or drown. I’ve never had a problem saying I’ve got nothing lined up,” he shared. “Maybe I’ll take the next year off. I’m not much active. If I knew what I wanted to do, I’d be writing it myself.”

Concluding, “Actually, I’m very much at peace lately. If you want to make an actor feel uncomfortable, ask them what they’re doing next.”