Lynda Carter told PEOPLE the presidential candidate is "our chance to have our turn as a woman in the White House"
Credit: Robin Marchant/Getty; Ethan Miller/Getty

Hillary Clinton can officially count Wonder Woman among her supporters.

Lynda Carter, who portrayed the magic-lasso-wielding superhero in the television series that aired from 1975 to 1979, told PEOPLE about her decades-long friendship with the presidential candidate – and why she can’t wait to have a woman in the White House.

“My husband and I have known the Clintons since 1983 or ’84. We’re family friends. Hillary has never changed, she has always been the smartest person in the room,” Carter, 63, said at United Cerebral Palsy of New York City‘s Women Who Care luncheon on Wednesday.

The former bad-guy-fighting bombshell, who is married to businessman Robert A. Altman, 68, thinks Clinton is more than prepared to lead the free world.

“We need someone that gets it, we need someone that gets all of it. She doesn’t need four years of training before she gets it in the White House. We want someone that can be off and running. She did it in the Senate,” she said in praise of her friend.

Clinton is undeniably qualified in Carter’s eyes, but the onetime Miss World USA is also excited about the significance of a female president.

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“She is our chance to have our turn as a woman in the White House. It is the voice of the women of our country that can help the voiceless women in other countries.”

Carter went on to defend the onetime secretary of state and her husband, Bill Clinton, against recent criticism the family has received because of hefty speaking fees.

“Why people begrudge them any money they can make [I don’t know],” said Carter. “If they’re not in public office – so what! Go after the big golden parachutes that corporations get. All the rest of it is just nonsense.”